Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hurry! Huge Copywork/Handwriting Sale

I am a strong believer in copywork.  I'm sad to say that I was truly unaware of it's benefit with my 2 older sons.  They are my guinea pigs.  Sad, but true.  I really stressed copywork with my ds who is now 9.  I have never given him a spelling, grammar, or writing lesson until a few months ago.  To back up or support my on-going copywork research, he spells better than my 2 older ds and adores writing.  This boys writes all the time for FUN!  Crazy I know for a boy. 

I tried creating my own copywork sheets from literature we were reading, etc.  But it made it too hard for him to correct it himself.  Plus it was time consuming for me. The key to copywork success...Student must check their own work and CORRECT it.  Kinda beats the purpose if it's not corrected, ya know.  So I happily settled with Draw, Write, Now.  Which we love.  I think we have 4 of the books.  I let ds pick out his page each day, but it was time consuming due to the drawing and coloring involved. Not that he complained, but spent too much time each day on this one task. 
I was so tickled to receive this email with this hugh deal.  This is an excerpt from the email I received today....

We wanted to put together an awesome bundle for you...  for all your handwriting needs!  61 e-books...  all our very popular Happy Scribe Handwriting books...  This is one neat bundle,  I hope you will enjoy...  61 of our books, all for a low price of $12.00.  
You can visit this link and see all the titles....  SUMMER HANDWRITING BUNDLE

And if you've never tried our Happy Scribe books....  
We'd like to offer you this Freebie of the Month

You can't pass this deal up if you believe in copywork or just need some extra handwriting practice.  Also, I love how it includes three different handwriting styles ~ manuscript, d'nealinan, and cursive.

So for ds#4, I will allow him to complete 1 page from Draw Write Now 1x per week and use these Happy Scribe Handwriting Books the other school days.  

Do you have any favorite copywork products or sites that you wanna share?

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