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Review ~ The Write Foundation

The Write Foundation
Sentence to Paragraph, Paragraph and Essay Writing
Step by Step Lesson Plans
Examples, Checklists, Grading System
Teaching the Writing Process and Structure
This past month I was thrilled to evaluate and teach my ds13  and ds12  writing lessons using the writing curriculum, Paragraph Writing Lessons 1 - 15.  I adore teaching writing and think it is a vital tool in becoming a successful adult in our society today.  The goal of The Write Foundation is for students to become well thought-out and organized writers, which will aid them in becoming effective communicators.  This is an essential in becoming effective disciples in my opinion.  Read the story behind why Rebecca Celsor wrote this writing program here.

I was given an option by the vendor, The Write Foundation, to chose between the 3 levels that they offer on their website .  I chose Level II, Paragraph Writing  .  However, I almost wish the boys would have started with Level 1 because of the thorough and vast amount of information that is covered in Level II.  Not that they can not handle Level II, but I keep on insinuating that they are missing a great deal of principles pertaining to sentence structure.  Level I could only benefit them in perfecting their sentence structure. The boys learned more in the first day we utilized this program than they have in a month with their current writing program.  Mommy was thrilled!  (:

Included in the Paragraph Writing  Lesson 1-15  package is a spiraled Teachers Guide which consists of step by step lessons plans which include examples, checklists, grading system and More.  There is a daily schedule recommendation in the teacher manual that is helpful.  I encourage my children to write on a daily basis with shorter lessons than what is suggested.  This program is very adaptable to fit your family's schedule. Rushing the student will result in frustration and aggravation for both the student and teacher the author, Mrs. Celsor  implies in the teacher manual..  There is a small amount of preparation for the teacher.  In other words, you must familiarize yourself with the lesson format before you can be successful in teaching your children this writing curriculum.  I had absolutely no problem preparing myself ahead of time to teach lesson 1 and happened to learned a great deal in writing a quality paragraph.  Also included in the Paragraph Writing Lesson 1-15 package, there are paragraph writing worksheets that are mandatory for each student. Both teacher manual and student worksheets are required in teaching this writing course.  Mind Benders are suggested to help develop the student's organizational processing.  We do not have this, but I plan on purchasing this book in the future to aid in their logical thinking process.  Mind Benders are optional for this writing program.

I really like the notebook system that the author recommends which includes 8 different tabs in a 3 ring binder. Also, the student must learn the total process each time before going forward in the program.  All lessons build on previous lessons.  A quote is present in the teacher manual by Keith Lamb...."Repetition is the price of knowledge."  I could not agree more with this statement. Primary objectives are printed in the teachers manual to give you a better understanding of what is to be expected by your students.  There is a suggested highlighting system that is required for each written paragraph which my boys found extremely helpful. Also, games are provided for each level.  As you can see this quality curriculum is designed as a tool for teachers to teach using their own styles while not being a slave to the curriculum itself..  All students are required to type their work except specified poetry.    

Paragraph Writing (Level II) is designed for ages 12-15 depending on the maturity of the student.  Click here to view samples in Level II.  The Write Foundation offers 3 different packages for Paragraph Writing Curriculum.....

Curriculum Package 1: Paragraph Complete Lessons 1-30  $100 + tax/shipping.

            Spiral Instruction Manual Lessons 1 – 15 & Lessons 16 – 30

            Student Worksheets Full Set Lessons 1 – 30

            Paragraph Additional Resources CD

Curriculum Package 2: Paragraph Lessons 1-15   $65 +  tax/shipping.

            Spiral Instruction Manual Lessons 1 – 15

            Student Worksheets Lessons 1 – 15
            Paragraph Additional Resources CD

Curriculum Package 3: Paragraph Lessons 16-30  $65 + tax/shipping.
            Spiral Instruction Manual Lessons 16 – 30

            Student Worksheets Lessons 16 – 30

            Paragraph Additional Resources CD

The Paragraph instruction manuals are also available separately for $75 for Lessons 1-30 or $40 each for Lessons 1-15 or 16-30 + tax and/or shipping.

The Paragraph Additional Resources CD is also available separately
for $15 + tax and/or shipping.

Also, The Write Foundation offers Level 1 and Level III to correspond with Level II, Paragraph Writing.

I believe this is an excellent writing program that will successfully equip your children in becoming better writers and communicators.  This would be an easy and affordable program to utilize during a coop setting.  The student would just have to buy the student worksheets here. My boys asked me if we could use this program instead of their current writing program.  Due to the simple step by step lessons and checklists, my ds13 believes this program would help struggled writers. He loves it!  Honestly, I was not thrilled with their current writing program so I happily agreed to continue with the program.

To see what my crew mates think about The Write Foundation, click here.

I received for  free a Curriculum Package 2 Lessons 1-15  for the purpose of writing an honest review. No other compensation was given.


  1. So do you think you'll continue on to the Essay level when you all finish paragraph? I'm so glad you all liked it! Great review. Very thorough.


  2. Great review! Have a wonderfully blessed day!

  3. We thought this was a great program for our family, too. I'll probably use Level 2 when we finish this one.


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