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Master Innovations, Inc. Review ~ Master Fractions

Master Innovations Inc.was started by faith in 1998 by promoting unique hands-on math products.  These products are designed specifically to aid the students in comprehending math concepts more readily, enjoying the subject of math, and understanding the impact math has in everyday life. This is so important to me because I never had a true understanding of math growing up.  Master Innovations, Inc. selected me to implement and review The Master Fraction2/3/5 and The Master Fraction Workbook. . Also, I was sent a very colorful poster, Marvels of Measurement.   My ds9 had little exposure to fractions, so this was a perfect product for us to review.

I really love The Master Fractions 2/3/5 manipulative set.  These overlays are veraciously what helped my ds comprehend the concept of fractions.  These transparent overlays clearly demonstrate how geometric shapes such as a whole square, a whole rectangle, and/or a whole circle can be divided into equal parts called fractions. Included in The Master Fractions 2/3/5 are three separate devices each resembling a spiral like book. They are designed as followed...
      *  The Master Fraction 2 shows halves, quarters, eighths, and sixteenths.
      *  The Master Fraction 3 shows thirds, sixths, and twelfths.
      *  The Master Fraction 5 shows fifths, tenths, and twentieths.
By placing each overlay on top of each other, it is simple to see how the fractional parts are related.  We used a dry erase marker to color the shaded parts.  The overlays can easily be erased with a paper towel.  These overlays are definitely a keeper in our house.  We will use these over and over again.   I insist on teaching math to my children on a concrete level by using hands on manipulatives.  The Master Fractions 2/3/5 is the most effective and witty approach I have exercised in teaching fractions to my children.  My ds understood the basics of a fraction in one day.  However, I did demonstrate a simple illustration with an apple and explained the definition of fraction before I introduced the The Master Fraction 2/3/5. This was recommended by the publisher. This product is a tremendous compliment to any math program.  Being only 17.95 for all 3 overlays, this is a steal!  I believe you can only buy all 3 as a set. It might be nice to have the option to purchase individually if you need a placement.

The black and white Master Fraction Workbook is designed to correlate with the The Master Fraction 2/3/5 set.  The workbook advances the concept of fractions at the concrete level and progresses to the abstract level. I received the workbook in the mail, but would have liked to received as a PDF file.  The workbook is reproducible, but it was time consuming for me to make copies.  The workbook contains fraction activities for grades 1-5.  Initially, I was really impressed with the workbook and was simply pleased at my sons progress.  It was fun for him to work the real life story/word problems utilizing the overlays.  However, when we got to page 16 the teachers directions were minimal and I had a hard time understanding what was being asked in the problems.  The problems were unclear to my ds and I.  This frazzled my son a bit. There is a teaching suggestions and answers section in the back of the workbook that I believe are too brief.  I didn't find the section very helpful.  Usually I don't require hand holding, but I was confused.  I did watch the video that was recommended on their site here.  Most of the pages I was able to explain to my ds easily, but some lessons I thought needed more precised teaching instructions.  The Master Fraction workbook sells for 15.95.  I thought this was a bit pricey.  But then again, you can make unlimited reproducible copies.

Here is the very colorful poster that I have hanging in our school room called Marvels of MeasuresThe poster demonstrates different forms of measurements with pictures making measurement very easy to understand.  Even my little ones enjoy looking at it.  I have a hard time justifying 10.00 for a poster, but was very gracious to receive it and actually kinda like it myself.  OKAY....I'm not a poster girl, but this one serves its purpose. 

Overall, I was very impressed with The Master Fractions 2/3/5 and think it is an invaluable tool for any classroom.   It can be used with any curriculum and is priced very reasonable.  Actually I think Master Innovations, Inc is ingenious.  I just wished I would have thought of it myself.  You do not need to purchase the Master Fraction Workbook to utilize The Master Fractions 2/3/5.  However, you do need to purchase The Master Fractions 2/3/5 to successfully manipulate the workbook.  Available from the vendor is a teacher Master Fractions 2/3/5 that can be used on an overhead projector making it perfect for a coop setting.

The Master Fractions 2/3/5, The Master Fraction Workbook, and the Marvels of Measures can be purchased through Master Innovations, Inc here.  There are many other products that look very interesting, such as, The Master Ruler, Master Clock, and Master Angles that Master Innovations, Inc offer, too here.

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I received for  free The Master Fractions 2/3/5, The Master Fraction Workbook and a Marvels of Measures Poster for the purpose of writing an honest review. No other compensation was given.

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  1. Yeah, I'm totally jealous. We're a bit beyond fractions, but MAN these "Master" items are so cool! I agree with you...ingenious. And I too wish I would have thought of them. Great review. Brilliant product!

    Lori Lynn


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