Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Review - Math Facts Now

Always trying to fit it into your busy schedule....Drilling math facts with your students?  Sweat no more!  Math facts Now 2.0 is the simple and feasible software solution to improving your students math facts using your home computer. Flash cards are know obsolete in our home.

The boys immediately started implementing Math Facts Now 2.0 program into their daily math routine.  I was anxious to check out Math Facts Now 2.0 because I am unfortunately lacking in this area of our homeschool.  Something I always say I am going to be better about and still DON"T do.   Being somewhat of a computer novice, this software is extremely easy to install and takes no time to learn how to manipulate the software.  Always a plus for me.  The boys are enjoying it and I have a clean heart.  LOL!

Many features of this software attracted me from the very beginning.  One being, there are no cartoons characters or animations that can cause distraction.  The student can concentrate on the drill itself.  The parent can individualize the need of each of their students with Math Facts Now 2.0.  For each lesson you design, you can choose which function and specific numbers to drill.  For example, my ds is working on mastering his 3,4,5, and 10 multiplication tables.  I designed the lesson to cover just those particular facts. Also, you are able to choose the number of problems in a lesson ranging from 50-200.  Honestly, I would rather see an option of 25, making it easier to reach their goal.  An unique feature that Math Facts Now 2.0 offers is it magically remembers which problem your child is having difficulty mastering and automatically continues to present that problem.  Ingenious or what?  When preparing a lesson, you can adjust the time limit for each problem and how many times they have to type the equation for each wrong answered/or took too long to master the equation.  I love this feature.  For example, my ds has 5 seconds to answer each problem, and if he gets it wrong or takes too long, he has to retype the problem 2 times before moving on.  My favorite feature of this software is you can elect to provide a reward for mastering a lesson.  My ds reward for mastering a lesson was Hot Cocoa with Mommy after the little ones go to bed.

The Basics:

System Requirements: Runs on Windows 2000, ME, XP, Vista and Windows 7. 4.5 Mb of free hard drive space required.

You can either purchase this software as a download for 15.95 here or you can chose a cd rom format for 15.95 plus shipping and handling here. This is well worth the money in my opinion. A great tool for all homeschoolers.  All my 6 children will all benefit from this gem.

Try Math Facts Now 2.0 for free now

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I received for  free a download of Math Facts Now for the purpose of writing an honest review. No other compensation was given.

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  1. I like your reward of cocoa with momma after the little ones are in bed. I will have to use that one.

    Where did you get the "Woman of Simplicity" button? It's neat.




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