Friday, February 11, 2011

My dh is....

so sweet and creative.  

 (note: the wedding cake fairy must have mysteriously poked their finger in the cake by accident???)

Tonight I am hosting Moms Night Out at my house for our homeschool coop.  Everyone is asked to bring their wedding photos and a salad or finger food to share.  My dh made us this beautiful wedding cake to indulge in.  He has never made a decorated cake before, but volunteered to treat our group tonight.  I can't wait to taste it!  Also, I 'm anxious to view everyone's photos and hear "their" stories. God has softened my dh and my hearts completely since the day we said "I do." 

What a blessing it will be to share this evening with my sisters in Christ.

Stay tuned for pictures of our fun-filled evening!


  1. this is amazing girl!! i can't wait!!

  2. Wow Jill! Your hubs did awesome! Looking forward to tonight!

  3. Wow! I'm *totally* impressed! Sure wish I could be there! (And I'm sure the "Wedding Cake Fairy" just made it that much sweeter. ::smile::)

  4. Wow, Jill, that cake is beautiful! Your Hubby did that? I just took a hobby lobby class, and I loved it! I learned a lot, but not that much!!!
    I bet it was yummy!


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