Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WFMW ~ a clean room....

Call it whatever you wish, bribery, disciplining or parenting.  Whatever suits your fancy, but it works wonders for me.
 All 5 of my boys share the spacious loft upstairs bka, "The Man Cave."  We recently moved into this home, so sharing one bedroom amongst all 5 of them was a painful adjustment to say the least.  The older ones were complaining that the little ones were slobs.   Imagine that?

Oh yes, I am taking credit for this one.....

I have a "deal" with the 3 younger ones....

If their room is "mommy" cleaned before supper, they each get a Popsicle after Sissy goes to bed.  However, there are several stipulations...

*  I will remind them only once about 30 minutes before serving time
*  There will be no fighting, yelling, choking, spitting, or whining during clean up
*  Everyone must do their share
* An older sibling will inspect before supper begins

VIOLA.......Their room is always clean, organized, and perfect before supper!

Can I hear an AMEN or two!

What bribery compromise works for you and your children?

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  1. I love that you have the older children give an inspection. I have a ten year old daughter. Every morning we each do our own list of daily chores. When we are done, she inspects me and I inspect her. It works great!

  2. Love that you have to include choking LOL! We Company Clean the house every Friday. I reward my kids with a couple of pieces of candy if the job gets done correctly with no whining, arguing, dawdling, etc.


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