Monday, August 16, 2010

Morning Playdate

Here are some photos that Mackenzie took of the newest kids play date this morning....  There are 3 kids total, Genesis(Genni), Delilah, and Samson.  Delilah and Samson are the twins from Rain Dancer.

First group photos of the siblings/or cousins.  Yikes!  We better just call them cuz to avoid any confusions with the lil' ones. They all have the same father, Jack, if you must know.  Now don't be spending any gossip, ya hear!

 Genni who looks so much like her mama, Jitterbug.  First of Jacks that didn't turn out black.  So she is special.  

Adorable Delilah, always calling for her mama, Rainny. She is the tiniest of them all.

Lovable little big  Samson.  Mackenzie named him Samson after the giant.  He was huge when he came out.

Samson chillin' after the morning playdate

The party is over.  Nap time for the kiddos.  Back in the barn.

This has truly been  a wonderful experience for our family.  The boys adore all of the Nigerian goats.  Each one has a special job.  Milking starts in a few weeks.  I look forward to having fresh goats milk each morning.  And learning the art of cheese making and hand soaps.

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  1. I want to DO THIS!! This is great and I bet my boys would LOVE it!


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