Wednesday, August 11, 2010

WFMW ~ Bible for the young

My lil' guys and I love to read from this Rod and Staff  Bible Story Book daily each morning.  They hop on my lap and I read the short story.  At the end of the story, it has 3 questions to ask the children and a memory verse.  Answering the question properly is so exciting for my ds5 and ds3.  They feel so smart!  After we read the story they both color a picture from the coloring book that correlates with the story.  They are only allowed to color the appropriate picture for that story.  Then we put the coloring books up until tomorrow.  This is fun for us all.  They don't let me forget either.  It's our special time to share God's Word.

Do you have any bible related ideas that work for your children?  I  always am looking for fun, but scriptural related ideas to share with my blessings.

See what works for others here.


  1. I love rod and staff's books and coloring books. We also use and love Leading Little Ones to God.

  2. I started reciting the same verse every morning over breakfast with my guys when they were toddlers because I was trying to memorize it. I was amazed at how quickly they memorized the scripture! True story, both our guys have known all of Psalm 91 before they were 3 years old. Now at 13 and 12 I have lost count at the number of scriptures they have in their heart.


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