Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Review ~ Aleks Math

The boys have thoroughly enjoyed this last month utilizing their free monthly trial that Aleks offered my children in return for an honest review.  This was a great month of review and catch up for my ds13, ds12, and ds10.  Some how we always get behind in math. 

Taken directly from their website, Aleks claims the following information....

ALEKS is a Research-Based Online Math Program:
  • Complete Curriculum Solution for Math with Access to Full Course Library
  • No Textbook Required
  • Artificial Intelligence Targets Gaps in Student Knowledge
  • Assessment and Individualized Learning for Grades 3-12
  • Master Account - Monitor and Direct Learning Progress
  • Unlimited Online Access - PC & Mac Compatible 
To view a quick video on Aleks click here

Initially before starting a lesson, my sons took an assessment test to see exactly what they knew and what they needed to work on pertaining to their particular grade level.  This resulted in a pie graph looking like this...

This was very motivating for two of my children.  By golly, they wanted to fill in their entire pie chart before the month ended.  LOL!  The student was able to view their pie chart at anytime to see how they were progressing during the program.  As they mastered a skill, more of the pie was shaded.  On the other hand, not much motivates my older son, so filling in the pie was no big deal.  He was more interested in just mastering his required 2 skills per day that I requested.  All my sons were thrilled to be able to select what math topic they wanted to master that school day.  This was a huge plus for all my children.  I really liked how they were not able to administer their given math time on a topic already mastered.  Instead, Aleks encouraged new topics.  Also, my son stated that when ALEKS perceived that he spent too much time on a given topic, it told him to move onto a new topic for that day.  I was impressed with  (Mr). Akeks  teaching skills. lol!  I also liked how each question was not a multiple choice question.  Students had to work out each problem making it impossible to just guess at the answer ~ which is usually the result of a multiple "guess" assignment/quiz.  Each student came prepared with a pencil and scratch paper before starting their lesson for the day.  At each incorrect response, the computer explained how to work the problem correctly IMMEDIATELY.  Then 5 more problems were given to the student to work out that was similar in nature. My boys were not thrilled with this little gimmick..  But mommy was. hee hee!

Each parent is given a master account to view all your students accounts. This made it easy to view each students account,  progress, quizzes, attendance, and so much more. 

I liked the fact that there is nothing to download and all information is stored on the Aleks site.  Printable worksheets are available for the students and the answers are provided on the master account. This makes it efficient if you only have one computer per family administering the Aleks on-line program. All 50 states' standards and the Common Core State Standards for grades 3 through 12 have been correlated to ALEKS course content.  This impressed me!  I'm not too burdened with the state standard tests, but so many homeschoolers are very concern with keeping up with the state standards.  Customer Service is a high priority to Aleks.  They emailed me before I could contact them in regards to my master account.  I was very grateful that they were on top of things and actually took the time to email me with a suggestion regarding my account.  Thank you, Aleks. I took advantage of the opportunity to sit back and relax while Aleks did the teaching and the grading this past month.  LOL! Each week Aleks emailed me a progress report for each student.  There are so many perks to this on-line math program that one would not be able to fully appreciate unless experiencing it first hand.  So go check it out for your free one month trial period. Visit
ALEKS for 1-Month TrialBeware! You will be addicted!

A newer feature added to Aleks is the Quick Tables.  This drill system adapts to your students individual needs.   To view a short video click here.
A training center is located here that will familiarize you and your student with the program.

There are variety of courses that Aleks offers here.  Higher Education coursed are offered here.

A subscription to ALEKS is
  • $19.95 per student, per month, or
  • only $99.95 every 6 months, or
  • only $179.95 every 12 months.
Learn about their family discount program.

This is an amazing resource to have in your homeschool, but I don't imagine many large families would be able to squeeze Aleks into their homeschool budget.  Even with their family discount program,  it doesn't fit our allotted yearly homeschool budget. If you had one or two children utilizing the program, it would be an affordable asset.  In our family, I would only be able to implement the program to play catch up due to the cost. I'm not saying that it isn't worth every penny.  It just is not affordable for us.

To see what my crew mates think about this unique and impressive math product, click here.

I received for  free a one month subscription to Aleks for the purpose of writing an honest review. No other compensation was given.

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  1. Great review. We used Aleks last year and I loved having time off and letting math be someone else's problem. Did your son fill in his pie?


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