Sunday, March 6, 2011

Yummy Veggies

I love going to Sunflower Market and picking up organic produce that we can't get at our local grocer.  My forte is making a veggie dish that my family will actually eat.  I am blessed that we really only have 1 picky eater out of 6 blessings.  Actually I have zero tolerances for the picky one.  He just starves...  Just kidding...

The two recipes that we tried this past week are ...

 I loved this and so did my dh.  I served this with Tilapia and rice.  I made it a little zippy, too.  Big hit!  Only 3 points!  Well worth the points!

The second yummy dish we tried was Roasted Beets with Ginger.  I doubled the recipe and the crew gobbled it up.  It had a wonderful sweet and sour type glaze covering the beets.  Even the dogs liked it!  3 points well eaten!

Do you have any favorite veggie dishes that your family raves?

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