Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Away for the weekend..

This past weekend I was extremely blessed to be ministered by Nancy Campbell and her girls!  All I can say is, Wow!  This was my 3rd Above Rubies retreat and definitely won't be my last.  I love the fellowship with like-minded ladies who strongly believe in their ministry of motherhood.  I do believe it is such an imperative calling to train our children in the Lord.  How blessed I am to be the mommy to our 5 boys and The Princess.  I love them dearly and pray each day for the Holy Spirit to fill my heart with love and discernment in raising my children to love Jesus.  What a privilege He has bestow upon me.  

I look forward each quarter in receiving the free magazine, Above Rubies.  It is filled with an enormous amount of Godly encouragement for the mother.   I order a bundle of them to pass out to friends and to leave at doctors offices.  It's my little ministry.  

Have you been to an Above Rubies retreat?

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  1. I truly love this ministry. I believe this is my 8th retreat - 4th to help with and 2nd to co-organize from the ground up. To God's glory, Nancy is ministering to ladies everywhere. I was glad to have you as a riding buddy! :D


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