Sunday, April 24, 2011

Review ~ See the Light

My boys totally dig See the Light art curriculum.  My ds are the "artsy" type and were anxious for me to load the dvd player with the See the Light, Volume 1 DVD.  Even my ds4 and ds6 were following along with the master artist, Pat Knepley, on the TV.  I am not an artist, so this is one area I am extremely lacking, however, my children all have an artistic bone in them.  No need to sweat NO MORE!  Master artist, Pat Knepley will cover all the basis and then some with your "artsy" child.

See the Light consists of a series of 9 Volumes each containing 4 lessons on each dvd totaling 36 lessons. You can seek what each volume covers here.  The lessons are relatively short, approximate 15 minutes, but detailed and thorough.  I believe any child or adult could benefit from these informative art dvd's.  In fact, my dh was truly impress with Volume 1 and wants us to purchase the entire series for our 6 children.  The artist uses basic supplies and uses the hands on approach.  The student must come prepare with their paper and drawing supplies that you can easily purchase at Walmart when viewing each lesson.

One of the most impressive aspect of See the Light was the mere fact that God is the center of the subject of art.  She stresses to the children that He is the ultimate creator.  I love the slogan the publisher chose, "Drawing children to Him." Each lesson contains and integrates biblical truth.  Another perk is art history is included in the lessons and students are exposed to famous masterpieces of many artists.

My children made an art notebook and placed all their lessons in them.  They will put all their art work that they complete independently in their notebook, too, as time progresses.   This is a notebook that they are very proud of.

 See the Light art curriculum can be purchased as a set for 99.99 here.  See the light offers several other products here.  This is a well worth your buck for teaching your children art skills and art history that they will carry with them for a lifetime.  

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