Friday, April 29, 2011

Review ~ Greek 'n' Stuff

Our family has been soaking in the Word with the bible study, I Can Study Jonah and Ruth Alone With God study for several months.  This is actually an independent study written by the author, Karen Mohs, published by Greek 'n' Stuff, but we chose to complete the study as a family during our evening family devotion time.
The study includes...
  • Jonah learns to obey God
  • Ruth chooses God and is blessed
  • Thirteen weekly lessons
  • Clear, straightforward questions
  • Memory verses
  • Interesting insights
  • Life applications 
We have a diverse age range of children ranging from 14 to 1.  However, we all gained spiritual insight from this gem of a study except for our princess who was already snoozing by our evening devotion time.   Each lesson is broken into 6 days ~ Monday through Saturday. There are check boxes to check off as you complete each task for the day making it very easy for a child to follow.  Each week there is a memory verse to memorize and something to think and pray about which we chose to discuss as a family.  I loved how each day the first task was to pray and ask God to help you study His Word.  This is an important reminder to us all.  Several questions are asked pertaining to the scripture each day and we conversed together.  Even my ds6 ad ds4 could answer the questions correctly without any hesitation.  My dh was able to easily adapt the study to make it more challenging for my older children.

The study comes in either NIV or the KJV.  Our family uses the ESV Bible and I would love to see the author offer these studies utilizing the ESV.  Also, I would like to see the study offered in ebook form rather than in spiral bound so I could print the study for each member of our family if they chose to complete independently like the author intended. 

The I Can Study Jonah and Ruth Alone With God can be purchased through Greek 'n' Stuff here for 8.95. Greek 'n' Stuff offers three other bible studies in this series, Alone with God here. Greek and Stuff sells a Greek and Latin program that looks interesting here.

I recommend this study for any parent who wants to train and expose their children the blessing  in spending time with God daily.  It will help guide them to seek and study His Word in a gentle way without causing tears or frustration.  I give this study a thumbs up.  

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