Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer of Purpose 2011

 I want this summer to be a summer of purpose.  I want us to indulge in intriguing books, play challenging games together, swim, hang outside after supper with the animals, eat ice cream, soak into family type movies, gain intellect,  grow in spiritually wisdom and maturity, and to just relax with one another. Just simply enjoying the gift of being part of a large family. 

Kat over at Inspired to Action has written a wonderful post, A Summer of Purpose, which includes a My Summer Goals chart.  I am requiring my crew to make 3 goals: an academic goal, a spiritual goal, and a goal of interest.  Our summer of purpose will start on June 1st and end August 31.  So we have 3 months to reach our goals.

Of course, I am going to be part of this challenge.  You know I love a challenge.  Oh yea, baby!  Count me in!

My Summer 2011 Goals

Lose 20 lbs 
Learn how to make a spreadsheet

These are going to be HUGE challenges for me.  

But I LOVE a challenge!  We will have some sort of family celebration at the end of August to show off our accomplishments.

Are you going to make Summer 2001 a summer of purpose?

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  1. Jill, I will begin my summer of purpose this weekend. I am moving in with my parents for 3 months to assist with my father's care and to help Mom and Dad get their affairs in order. While I'm there I will spend some time reflecting on the past and will be working on a book I am writing as a gift to my father. Most importantly, I will be spending precious time with my wonderful mother and father. We are never too old to create new memories together! I wish you the best and hope that you achieve all of your goals. Have a happy, healthy, and of course, purpose-filled summer!
    -Craig C.


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