Friday, July 16, 2010

Guilty beyond a reasonable doubt...

What would an average honorable mother with a hand full of laundry say to her 3 year old son when she stumbled upon him sitting voluntarily in the corner looking like this?

It goes something like this....

Honorable Mother:  WHAT DID YOU DO, RYLAND!!!!!

3 year old:  Huuuuh?

Honorable Mother:  I said tell me what you did!!!!

3 year old:  Nuuuuuthing.

Honorable Mother:  I'm not going to ask you again what you did wrong!  Now what did you do?

 3 Year Old: Nothinnnngggg

Honorable Mother: When I find out what you did wrong I am going to ground you forever and that is a mighty long time!

3 Year old:  OKaaaaaa

 Honorable Mother still searching......

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