Wednesday, July 14, 2010

WFMW ~ homemade baby food

I have a 6 month old who I started making baby food for last week.  I made my ds food when he was a baby, too.  It is so easy and will save you a bundle of money.

Things needed are.....

blender or food processor
numerous ice cube trays
frozen veggies or fruits
Cooking spray
snack baggies

I usually put in the blender but you can use a food processor if you wish.

First, place fruit or veggies in the blender with a small amount of water.  Blend, Blend, and Blend.  When I make the fruit I put some cereal in it so I don't have to mess with it later.  Also, we are having some weight issues with my sweet princess so I put a tad bit of formula in the mixture.  My princess is breastfed, so I will discontinue the formula when she gains a few.  Lord, I wish I had the same issue.....  Trying to gain...

Second, spray the ice trays with cooking spray and fill up the trays with your blended food.

Third, place in freezer and let freeze for hours.

Fourth,  when frozen, pop out cubes and place in snack baggies per portion size.  In my freezer, I have 2 baskets, 1 for veggies and 1 for fruits.  Each night I place the frozen baggies in my fridge for the next day.  Forgot to defrost, no problem...Just place in microwave for 30 seconds.

When we go somewhere, I just place the baggie in a small glade bowl here.  It's really that simple.  I usually make about 4 or 5 bags of frozen fruits/or veggies at a time and it lasts a couple of week.  This will save you so much money and it is so much healthier for your little one.

BEWARE:  My lil ones never would eat the jar stuff once they got accustomed to the real stuff. But do you blame them?  Have you tasted the jar food? 

See what works for others at We are that Family.


  1. What kinds of fruits and veggies do you use?

  2. I know what you mean. That jarred baby food is not good to smell or taste! I like the idea of making your own because it allows your child to get to know your family's cooking style and tastes from the beginning.


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