Monday, May 16, 2011

My early morning routine....

I do earnestly try to have some sort of routine to maximize my date with The King.  However, it must start the night before.

The night before I do the following things...

* make sure my Keurig is filled with water and power is on
* place my bible, journal, and my disciple notebook, headphones and pencil on my end table
*plug in my net book
* put a load of laundry in the washer with a delayed setting (love this feature)
*place socks and tennis shoes in bathroom
*set alarm on phone
*really, really try to be in bed not asleep by 9:30 reading

My Morning Routine....

* wake up, bathroom, get coffee (first things first)
* listen to 3-5 worship songs that are on my net book
*fill out my prayer notebook page
*work on laundry(remember I already have 1 load washed)
* prayer time
*devotion time along with bible reading
*check email
*make breakfast for the family and family devotion
*work on laundry

My mornings don't always go as plan, but over the years I have worked on not getting discouraged and to just strive on implementing my plan the next morning. Things happen and I must face them graciously.  Ouch!  Did I just say that?  Also, I realize that my routine will change depending on what season I am in.  For example, when I have a nursing baby, he or she is sharing my morning time with me.  In fact, watching the sun rise while nursing a little one has become one of my fondest memories of motherhood.  

I really need to arise at 5:30 instead of 6:00 in order to get my exercise plan in before the children wake up.  I am working on this, but haven't excelled yet.

So what is your morning routine to maximize your morning devotion?

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  1. I'll post mine soon! This was great. I love the idea of sharing this because you can see how similar and different everyone's routines are.


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