Friday, May 6, 2011

Review ~ Kregel Publications

Kregel Publications graciously sent me a cute little paperback book, Andi's Indian Summer, written by Susan K. Marlow to review.  This is book two in The Circle C Beginning Series. First, I read this little book silently one evening while sipping some tea before bedtime.  I was a little hesitant at first, but I continued reading on.  I was certainty glad I did because the author cleared up my concern regarding the danger in children reading old comic books. 

The description of this early reader states...

In book two of the Circle C Beginnings, Andi’s friend Riley shows her a scary old dime novel that sets Andi’s mind spinning with thoughts of being captured by dangerous Indians. But when she and Riley travel a little too far from the safe surroundings of the Circle C ranch, Andi discovers the truth about the natives living nearby. Written for reading levels 2.0–2.8, this new story combines fun illustrations and Andi’s signature curiosity to create an enjoyable reading experience that shows both new and old Circle C fans where it all started! 

This is an adventurous story geared for ages 6-8, however, my ds9 enjoyed and wanted to read the rest of the series.  The book was written below his reading level, so it was simply enjoyable to him.  I am very picky when it comes to literature regarding my children.  This Christian Fiction chapter book was a delight. We did discuss in depth how Andi could have completely avoided the negative encounter she got herself into by simply obeying her parents. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed that the author did not stress that particular biblical principle in the book.  I highly appreciated in the back of the book the author has a chapter called, "A Peek Into the Past," which explains the time period and how things were a bit different than they are today.  I plan on reading this series to my ds6 and ds4 as read a louds.  Kregel offers supplemental materials for this book here for free.  This is a huge bonus and I plan on implementing some of these ideas and coloring sheets.

You can purchase this adorable book at Kregel Publication here for 4.99.  There are a total of 5 books in The Circle C Series.  Check out the many other Kregel products  here.

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I received for free the book, Andi's Indian Summer for the purpose of writing an honest review. No other compensation was given.


  1. Thanks for your lovely review of Indian Summer. I'm so glad it was "a delight" for you. (And I really like your font! It's so cute, as is your whole blog). :-)

    I confess I've written SIX of these little books in ONE year, so my memory might be a bit foggy . . . but I'm struggling to remember in which scene of Indian Summer did Andi not obey her Mother? She asked her mother's permission to go riding with Riley, and then Mom drops out of the story for the rest of the book. *scratching head*
    (see your excerpt below).

    [We did discuss in depth how Andi could have completely avoided the negative encounter she got herself into by simply obeying her parents.]

    Thanks again for your kind words about the book and have a GREAT day!


  2. My ds and I assumed that Taffy was tired and was taken too far from home because Andi was trying to find Taffy water. It was just an assumption we made. I believe her mother told her to make sure Taffy didn't get tired.


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