Wednesday, June 22, 2011

His Word ~ Part 1

For many years it has been on my heart to memorize scripture.  I have never been successful at it, perhaps memorizing a verse here and there, but I definitely would not win any awards. In other words, I have failed at every attempt.   Shamefully , my children can probably sincerely recite more verses than I can. I set out two years ago to memorize Psalm 23 and still don't have it hidden in my heart.

I could blame it on the fact, that I was not expose to scripture until my adult life, but that was 11 years ago.  So for one of my summer of purpose goals, I decided to memorize Psalm 51.  Honestly, it seemed like it would be easier for me to run a marathon than instill Psalm 51 in my heart because half the time I forget my own name.  BTW ~ I can't even run to the mailbox without panting.  LOL!   Immediately, I started to be in earnest prayer for the Spirit to work in my mind and heart to assist me in this what seemed like a hopeless goal. 

Within a day or two, the Lord answered my prayer.  I was discussing my goal with a friend at church and she suggested a book she read, His Word in my Heart by Janet Piper.  I ordered the book online, but began to initiate memorizing Psalm 51 while anticipating it's arrival.  I was slowly, but surely memorizing the Psalm, but not as intensely as I desired.  

After receiving and indulging in the book, I was so encouraged by Mrs. Piper's diligence in memorizing whole chapters and books of scripture at a given time instead of memorizing random verses.  It all makes so much sense to me now.  Memorizing and meditating on chapters or whole books truly engraves God's whole message to me in my heart, teaches me who He is, and what He expects of me.   Oh, how I long to know and please Him.
I have a much grander goal than just memorizing scripture, but to grow intimately with my heavenly Father.  Hiding His Word in my heart has never had so much spiritual power in my life than in the last few weeks.  I have more joy throughout the day, when I utilize my time to meditate on His promises and His love for me. There are more minutes in a day for me now.  Imagine that!  I can mange to Hide His Word in my heart while training my 6 children at home with His help.  If He requires me to know His Word and to keep His Word within my heart then He will guide me. I strongly believe we can keep His commands if we seek Him.  Something I wasn't pursuing before. 

I encourage you to start with a favorite chapter in the bible and to study, memorize, and to meditate on one verse per day.  Don't move on to the next verse until it's hidden in your heart.  Sometimes it takes me a day to work on one verse, other verses it takes me additional time.  It's not about quantity, but quality.  I sometimes feel led to spend several days meditating on a specific verse to encounter the message God is teaching me. 

What is your favorite scripture that you have hidden in your heart?

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. – Psalms 119:105

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  1. Memorizing doesn't come especially easy for me either, but it is so worth the effort, isn't it? I agree with you that it is about quality, not quantity. Taking the time to meditate and soak it all in allows us to know God better and put into practice the things He is teaching us. Thank you for sharing your progress so far!


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